And Then It Began

This is it. My first ever blog post. I am super excited being that, after years  of repeating “oh I’m going to start my blog” and procrastinating, I finally opened this new chapter of my life ( as I like to refer to it as ). So with a huge sheepish grin on my face, I lay here on my bed trying to not be a bore.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a music box which opens up to play a tune so intricate and complex;

with a guitar chord here, a piano playing there, a drum beat in the background, a soft voice screaming at you ( the irony! ). Warning: it can get a tad addictive. About music, I am such a lover…well, except with all that hard metal rock stuff. Not a fan. I speak English and French and am a tiny bit obsessed with the language so, forgive me but there will be a couple of french words popping up from post to post. I promise, however, that they will not be so fancy that you need a dictionary at hand each time you are here. “Black, White and Coloured” is the title of this blog because THAT is what basically everything in this world turns out to be. One extreme or the other, and the intriguing in-betweens. So are my thoughts, my sentiments and my photography. Yes, I am a photographer…well, more of a hobbyist than a professional. A passionate hobbyist.

So with that said, I will be writing about pretty much everything that comes to me. I look forward to sharing all the COLOUR ( or none) there is, with you.



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